cemetery gates

At The Cemetery Gates: Year One by John Brhel & Joseph Sullivan

At The Cemetery Gates is a collection of 14 short stories. As the title suggests, the stories are all linked by the theme of death, dying, or being recently deceased. Cemetery Gates is also the name of the publisher (see what they did there?). A major strength of the book is the variety of the tales, including everything from ghosts to urban legends, and from time travel to murderous clowns. Most of the stories are subtle in their dread, while others are a bit more visceral. Some involve the supernatural but mostly it is the human condition that brings about death. There‚Äôs a definite craft to writing these kinds of short stories – bringing the unexpected in and making it flow with the rest of the tale. One of my favorite stories is actually the opener about a couple trapped on a snowy road. Another favorite involved two boys witnessing […]

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