Follow Me Into the Dark

Follow Me into the Dark by Felicia C. Sullivan

Kate’s father didn’t even wait for his wife’s death before starting an affair. He’s been seeing Gillian on the side while his wife fades away from cancer. This is too much for Kate to take. Our story begins in the aftermath of Kate’s attack on her father’s mistress. This is just the beginning of the powerful fall out and back story woven in Follow Me into the Dark. Kate’s grief and rage over her mother’s sad fate is completely overwhelming to her. It consumes her every waking moment and she struggles to keep it together in day to day life. It is Kate’s character that we empathize with most. The author introduces us to her pain and gives authentic insight into her feelings. The release of her rage is brutal and merciless. Her temporary coping mechanism is to use the order of baking and following a recipe. Kate’s relationship with […]

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