Rue Morgue Magazine’s 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To See


Rue Morgue Magazine's 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To SeeThere are plenty of horror movie retrospective books, and “(insert number) movies you should see” books. In such a diluted field it takes something special or a different approach to rise above the chaff. So many of these list books cover the same movies that we’ve all seen. If I want to read about Friday the 13th I’ll read Crystal Lake Memories, not a paragraph or two. Rest assured this is not one of those books. First of all it’s not a random publisher looking to cash in. It’s a trusted name in horror that is putting the book out, Rue Morgue Magazine, which I’m a big fan of. Rue Morgue, Fangoria and Gorezone were all staple reading material for me.

The book is an alphabetical listing of the included films along with featured spotlight articles on specific films that go into greater detail. There are also a variety of top ten lists such as Foreign Zombie Films, Alternative Slasher Films, and So Awful They’re Amazing Horror Films. The proof of the pudding is in the titles chosen for this book. Thankfully there are lots I haven’t seen, so I have now added them to my watch list. This is a list book, and fitting 200 movies into 160 or so pages means there is not the space for huge depth or critique but the articles are well written and there is certainly enough detail to pique interest. There are major films in here, and a few obvious choices amongst them, although I suppose that is all relative to the experience of the reader. Most of the titles are not obscure indie productions, but just films that have been overlooked or not given the credit they deserved. So, in the spirit of the book here are the top five movies I want to see from the selection: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Hell’s Ground, The Entity, Baby Blood and Amer.

This is a concise, interesting reference book and a tool for finding some classic horror you might have missed. For some of the older or foreign titles, tracking down copies to watch might prove tricky and will take some digging.


Book Cover Blurb:

You’ve seen The Exorcist, The Amityville Horror, The Blob. But are you familiar with The Exorcist III, Amityville II: The Possession or The Blob remake? Or minor masterpieces like Incubus, The Black Pit of Dr. M or Ichi The Killer? Fright film fans need look no further that this indispensable guide from the experts at Rue Morgue, the world’s leading horror in culture and entertainment magazine. Concisely written with a view to expanding the horror film lover’s palette, 200 ALTERNATIVE HORROR FILMS YOU NEED TO SEE outlines those cinematic gems you ay have missed – classic and contemporary, mainstream and obscure, home-made and foreign… and those films that simply need to make your viewing list. Featuring interviews with Guillermo del Toro, Tobe Hooper, Gaspar Noe, Roger Corman, Fred Dekker, Larry Cohen, Stuart Gordon, Ed Sanchez and more. Plus the top gore films, slashers, vampire flicks, foreign zombie movies, family fright fests and tons more!