Why You Should Sign Up For a DarkFuse Kindle Subscription


In my reviews I’m often mentioning books that I’ve received from publisher DarkFuse. Some of the titles I’ve covered from them are The Hoard, Lilith, Snowblind, Stalking You Now and Worm. They are a great publisher full of top horror and dark fiction authors, including a couple of my personal favorites, Jeff Strand and Tim Curran. Since I signed up I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the books I’ve received, not to mention the quantity. You get three titles per month. I love it when I open my Kindle and up pops a new title unexpectedly.

As well as the books, as a member you get access to the DarkFuse community site, where you can talk to fellow readers and the authors themselves. It’s a great place to find like-minded readers, and troll free. I’m talking about DarkFuse because it truly is a fantastic subscription on the Kindle. It’s great value and I want to share that because I’d recommend any fans of horror fiction sign up for it.

Check out DarkFuse and right now you can get an extra $15 off:

DarkFuse - Kindle Book Club