Sites For Horror Book Lovers


This post is a little different to the usual reviews, but I wanted to share some of the resources that I regularly consult as a horror book lover.

Goodreads is pretty much always my first stop when I want to look up a title. I don’t read the reviews before I’ve read a book because I’m desperate to avoid spoilers. It is great to be able to see a synopsis and a quick look at the compiled book review ratings. If enough people have given a good rating, then it’s a pretty good bet the book is worth investing some time in. Of course everyone’s opinions are different but you get the idea. The social aspects of Goodreads makes me feel that it’s a more egalitarian platform for reviews.

The Goodreads horror genre page is useful for seeing new titles and I take advantage of the community aspect of Goodreads by being a member of the Horror Aficionados group. It’s a great place to talk to like-minded readers on the discussion boards, and to take part in book club reads. My favorite discussion board, which I check daily, features (mostly Kindle) books temporarily reduced in price or often free for a short period. I can’t tell you how many great books I get through checking that page. This is the link but you’ll have to click to the newest page to get the listings that are fresh and still available.

Fantastic Fiction
This is a great site to find a list of an author’s works, both past and forthcoming. One of the best features is that series orders are clearly defined, so if you’re trying to find what comes next then this the stop for you.

Matt Molgaard’s Horror Novel Reviews
Enjoyable site including reviews, author interviews and news.

Spooky Reads
Really good review site, excellently presented.

Too Much Horror Fiction
Great blog that celebrates vintage horror paperback covers.

Finally a quick shout out to a couple of my favorite publisher websites that have great content:
Comet Press