The Black Church by Toby Tate


The Black Church by Toby TateI’d really enjoyed the previous book I’d read from Toby Tate, Lilith, so I was excited to pick up his latest offering, a novella entitled The Black Church. The fantastically dark book cover further piqued my interest. I love it! I haven’t been overly impressed with some of the DarkFuse covers but Tate has had brilliant ones for both of his.

The story begins with Anton Ivanov desperately trying to destroy an ancient prayer rug that was passed on to him following the tragic death of his sister. In trying to set fire to it, he himself if burned to death but the rug survives. Following the death of Anton, his son Daniel inherits the unique prayer rug. Shortly after the rug comes into his possession, Daniel begins to dream of a church in Transylvania and the death of a boy there during the church’s construction. In his waking life, Daniel sees faces of loved ones appear mysteriously in the rug, shifting from the intricate woven pattern, and shortly after a face appears, the person dies.

Daniel learns more about the prayer rug and its history, eager to discover its secrets. The back story of the curse of the rug is captivating, partly told through Daniel’s dreams and partly through people he speaks to who lived in the Transylvanian town, Brasov, where the Black Church stands. Revenge, demonic forces, fire, and ancestral curses are key themes. Premonition plays a big part, both with the rug marking who will die next and the premonition of former Brasov native Serghei who helps Daniel. There is something very frightening about the thought of imminent death being fated, predetermined, and the helplessness of being unable to stop it. It is that innate fear that has led to movies like the Final Destination series to be so popular. Being forced to face your own or others mortality in such a way is a very primal human fear.

With this being a novella, there is not much room for detailed character development, it’s straight into the action and it’s very fast paced. This is a really enjoyable tale, it’s a lightning quick read and you’ll be through it in one or two sittings.  As is usually the case with a short tale like this I’m left wanting and hoping for more. Highly recommended.


Book Cover Blurb:
When Daniel Ivanov’s father dies in a freak accident, he inherits all his worldly possessions, including a hand-woven Anatolian prayer rug whose bright colors and elaborate designs have been flawlessly preserved over the past 600 years.

But the young lawyer soon learns the ageless tapestry is much more than it seems when he begins to see the terror-stricken faces of his loved ones within its intricate patterns. And he is suddenly plagued by vivid dreams and dark visions of a mysterious Black Church standing amid mist-shrouded mountains.

As his life unravels around him, Daniel descends into a pit of madness and terror, driven by an ancient curse that threatens to destroy everything and everyone he loves, unless he can uncover its terrible secret.