Author Interview: Iain Rob Wright


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Where did it all begin for you as a horror writer?

I’d say it started in my teen years when I read the works of Stephen King and James Herbert. I became addicted to horror and watched every movie going, and moved on to the works of Richard Laymon and Brian Keene. When I reached a point where I was unhappy career-wise, I decided to give my dream job a shot and write the kind of stories that I loved as a kid.

You’re a very prolific writer, where do you get your inspiration for new books?

From reading lots and watching movies. When I enjoy a story, it sets me off thinking about how I would have done it. Eventually all the ideas in my head mingle together and become a story. I think a big part of getting ideas is by loving the genre you write in and submerging yourself in it.

Do you have a favorite amongst your titles?

The Final Winter was my debut novel and allowed me to quit my job, so for that I will forever hold it fondest in my heart. It was also the first appearance of my recurring character, Damien.

Who are your favorite authors and which of their books mean the most to you?

I love pretty much everything Richard Laymon wrote and think he was a master of writing a bad guy, the sickos and killers. I was mad on Brian Keene when I first started and it was his zombies novels like Dead Sea that made me want to write apocalyptic fiction.

Stephen King is important to me because he is a master of creating believable characters.

Can you tell us about the scariest book you’ve read?

The Girl Next Door by Jack Ketchum, because it is based on a true story. Sometimes life is scarier than fiction.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

I love Dawn of the Dead 2004, which I’m sure is controversial, but I think the first 15 minutes of that film are just perfect. I love the movie, Demon Knight, too, as I love how the characters are all trapped together.

What can we look forward to next?

I will be writing lots next year. I will be writing a sequel to an existing book; the first book in a new apocalyptic trilogy; and the first entry to a low-fantasy series.

Any advice for new authors?

Pay attention to your bad reviews, because they hold the key to becoming a better writer, which is important because we are never as good as we believe ourselves to be.