Horror Podcasts


Something a bit different for you with this post. I wanted to share my favorite horror podcasts which keep me company as I drive around town. These podcasts are must-listens for horror fans, showing off the passion that makes our genre great! Here are the best of the best in no particular order:

The Hysteria ContinuesThe Hysteria Continues

This may be the first horror podcast I starting listening to, and I haven’t looked back since. The focus is on slasher films going way beyond the big name movies, covering cult and lesser known titles as well. I’ve found some classics by listening to this in both the “it’s so good” and “it’s so good it’s bad” categories. These guys are beyond knowledgable about slasher films and they frequently have quizzes against each other. It’s always the personalities that will make or break a podcast, and Justin, Erik, Nathan and Joseph are an entertaining bunch. Justin’s website, The Hysteria Lives, is a must visit too. http://www.hysteria-lives.co.uk/

Horror Movie PodcastThe Horror Movie Podcast

The podcast where they’re dead serious about horror. This might be the podcast I most look forward to. They are often long (over three hours) and in-depth, covering a number of movies and wider themes and I can’t get enough of it. It’s fascinating conversation and something to really sink your teeth into. The excellent host, Jay of the Dead, is joined by Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock, as well as other occasional guests who offer great insight and opinions. http://horrormoviepodcast.com/

Zombie 7The Resurrection of Zombie 7

Led by the dynamic duo of Ron and Jessica (Little Miss Horror Nerd), this podcast approaches horror movies in a different way than most. With the exception of an occasional palate cleansing single episode, they only cover horror franchises. As you can imagine, by the time they get past the first couple of movies, they have a lot of bad movies to get through. You get to listen to their pain and it makes for great listening. Some examples of franchises covered include Return of the Living Dead, Leprechaun, and Critters. http://zombie7.com/

LOTCLand of the Creeps

The main host of this show, GregaMortis, is a man whose abundant dedication and passion for the horror genre, not to mention his endearing accent, make it a pleasure to listen to him. He’s usually joined by fellow fans, Haddonfield Hatchet and Doctor Shock. They’ll cover and rate a couple of movies in each episode, both new and old. It’s a fun podcast. Just don’t mention Tom Savini to Haddonfield Hatchet. http://landofthecreeps.blogspot.com/


This podcast focuses on the more extreme end of the horror spectrum, mostly covering underground independent movies. I haven’t found another podcast that discusses this kind of underserved area of horror. You don’t have to be a fan of extreme horror to enjoy this podcast though. They discuss general horror, upcoming releases, video games and books before moving on to the main discussion. The faux sexual tension among the hosts, Chris, Luke and Steve, is extremely entertaining and hilarious and I laugh every episode. http://bindtorturekast.libsyn.com/