The Art of Death by P.M. Thomas


The Art of Death by P.M. ThomasLorenzo and Sara discover a crypt full of demonic statues and other macabre art belonging to the infamous Lucio Questi in Florence. It is a collection some believed didn’t exist, and the discovery was the result of three years of searching. The crypt is cleaned up and turned in to a gallery for a gala opening of the collection. What could go wrong? Well, getting sealed up inside with a ton of demons is one thing.

The author told me that the basis for this book was originally to create a sequel to the Lamberto Bava / Dario Argento classics, Demons and Demons 2. These are two movies that I love, and they¬†optimize 80’s Italian horror. I could certainly identify at least some of the actors who appeared in both movies who had reappeared in the physical descriptions of the characters in the book. Tony in particular is a highly entertaining caricature of his action hero self. If you’re familiar with the movies you’ll have the perfect image in your head of him as he delivers some outrageous dialogue.

The story is full of homage to Dario Argento and even features a character named Asia (after his delightful daughter). It very much has the feel of a movie, and in particular of an Italian horror movie. Some of the characters and relationships have that kind of disconnected, off tone that I get from movies of that era – like it was translated into English from Italian and there was a little lost in translation. I hope that was intentional, but either way it works.

On occasion it’s a bit overly wordy and there was the odd editing issue. ¬†The story was good, with some nice demonic gore. All in all I enjoyed this book. It was a fun ride and really took me back. If you’re a Demons fan, then this especially is a must read.


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Book Cover Blurb:

A long forgotten art collection once belonging to a famous Italian artist of centuries ago is discovered within an age old mausoleum containing various ghastly masterpieces depicting ghoulish fanged, clawed beasts with eyes red as blood, preying on humans, spreading their evil to the far corners of the world. A demon with a steel heart stands in the centre of the grand hall, containing with it a dark secret. What was meant to be a night of celebration turns into a nightmare as an ancient prophecy is fulfilled. Under no circumstances can the evil be able to break from the walls, otherwise mankind will be doomed to oblivion. In a night of madness and bloodshed, the odds of survival greatly slim, only one question lingers in the tomb of despair. Will the nightmare end?