Shadows and Teeth Volume 3 Anthology


Shadows and TeethShadows and Teeth Volume 3 is the latest in a horror anthology series published by Darkwater Syndicate. There are some familiar authors included whose books I have covered before, including Guy N. Smith, Adam Millard and Richard Ayre. The ten stories in the collection bring us a variety of scares without an overarching theme throughout the book.

The first story, Cannibal House by Guy N. Smith, starts the collection off strong. It’s a tale of residual evil that remains locked within a house and the new tenant who has to try to deal with it. Tree Huggers was another story I enjoyed. It had an unusual scenario and situation that our teens found themselves in. It’s always nice to read a really fresh take.

Adam Millard’s story, The House Wants What The House Wants, brought a bizarro and completely unexpected plot that was as creepy as it was excellent. One of the stand out stories of the collection was Bernadette. It’s a tale in the form of a letter. It’s set during the time of the Spanish Inquisition and involves possession and a djinn. It was outstanding. Another stand out is Richard Ayre’s story about a man returning to claim his family estate in Scotland. The mystery and bloodshed that comes along with the land builds to a gripping climax. Another favorite was Cruciform, which is the tale of a summoned and trapped demon. As you can imagine, that does not happen without consequences and retribution. As I’m sure you can tell based on the number of favorites I have, this is a great collection.

This is one of the strongest anthologies I’ve covered, full of tight and diverse entries, and with no drop in the quality from one story to the next. The stories cover a range of horror. There is something for all tastes from the more subtle, supernaturally inclined, to cannibalism and monsters. Now I have to catch up on the previous two volumes of Shadows and Teeth and look forward to volume 4.


Shadows and Teeth Volume 3 Book Cover Blurb:

Out of the shadows and meaner than ever, volume three of this award-winning horror series packs international star power. Featuring ten brand-new stories by the legendary Guy N. Smith, the prolific Adam Millard, master of horror Nicholas Paschall, and others, this collection is certain to keep you up at night. Take care as you reach into these dark places, for the things here bite, and you may withdraw a hand short of a few fingers.